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As the first marine equipment manufacturer & supplier in Taiwan, DWTEK has devoted its full effort to the enhancement of the subsea industry since 2008. We have been focusing on development of ROV and related components including subsea connector, propulsion system, cameras, LED lights, navigation sensor, etc.


DWTEK equipped with CE-grade electronics testing facilities and geometry measurement in order to make our quality and service commitment to customers. We embrace the challenges of an unpredictable oceanic environment, and has started from zero to achieve 90% self-manufacturing capabilities. Major key components are designed and manufactured on-site.


Our goal is to build Asia-wide subsea inspection system by integrating innovatively efficient equipment and 1st hand resource and deploy our equipment globally by offering in-time customized service.



  • Advanced engineering solution to support our customer's projects with our OEM experience and flexible production capability.
  • Reliable low maintenance subsea products that are well-designed, cost-efficient and of high quality.
  • 100% quality inspection and function test before delivery
  • Short delivery
  • Pressure testing service & customized service