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Investigator 90

The fundamental design concept behind the I-90 ROV is the creation of an expandable vehicle which is both functional and versatile. The extraordinary expansible capability allow operator to follow their expectation to customize a full function ROV for specific application. The highly excellent flexible vehicle design allows the installation of a wide range of different payloads and equipment. It opens a new page for this class of remote observation vehicle.

the vehicle rov

  • 2 of 150W, 6,900 lumen LED light
  • Dimming function
  • F/O channel for HD video,0.3 sec delay only
  • Max.4 additional SD cameras is available
  • Customized conformal buoyancy block
  • More 15% payload available if required
  • Well-proven connector made by DWTEK
  • Easier maintenance & repair
  • Gyro,compass,pressure sensor & 3-axis accelerometer,4 functions in 1 unit
  • Pitch & roll status feedback
  • Auto heading/depth/altitude
  • 7 mN/m powerful tilt motor as a versatile platform for diverse application
  • Up to 0.1 positioning accuracy
  • Miniature motor design
  • RPM/Voltage/Power feedback
  • Overload protection
  • Power output setting of each thruster

ROV Layout

The basic configuration of the full I-90 ROV system includes a Main Console, a Deck Cable Junction Box/Winch, the ROV vehicle itself and a Command Unit, each of which is regarded as independent device. The individual circuit boards in the thrusters and system pods of the I-90 ROV include a comprehensive feedback system. The operator can monitor temperature, voltage, current, and thruster RPM via the on-screen display (OSD) in real time. The diagnostics of system connections and data streams are displayed on touch panels on both the Main Console Unit and the Command Unit which provide instant service checks.

Propulsion & Thruster Design

DWTEK has developed the DWT6500 series of brushless motor DC thrusters for the I-90 ROV. The advanced circuit design of the miniature motor drivers endures high voltage and operating power. The DW6500 series thruster driver performs delicate motor speed control and sends feedback which includes RPM, voltage and power. It also includes overload protection in the event of motor failure. Vehicle propulsion deviations can be tuned by altering the power output settings of each thruster. This function is displayed and set up on the 7” touch panel of the Command Unit.

The DWT6500 thrusters are magnetically coupled and there are no connecting shafts. This makes for extremely low maintenance with high reliability. The design of the “I” beam support frame holds the nozzle and creates a larger cooling surface, increasing the performance of DWT6500 but with a relatively small diameter.



The standard I-90 has two variable intensity 6900 lumen LED lights with dimming function. Additional lights can be added by demand.

Payload (Buoyancy)

The payload of the I-90 is rating from 300M to 1000M by the selection of buoyancy blocks. DWTEK could offers a conformal buoyancy block kit that allows the payload to be increased by about 15%.


The Sea Observer is a full HD camera designed and fabricated at DWTEK. It is a bonus product that increases the value of the I-90 and gives a video image of the highest quality. The image transfer and communications are carried out through an optical fiber linkage to avoid the noise that usually accompanies transmission over long distances. DWTEK also offers up to four additional video channels with high definition cameras to give the I-90 the option of avoiding blind spots.


Tilt Platform

The tilt platform is driven by a servo rotator that provides accurate angle adjustment and high loading capability. The tilt platform is very versatile and a full HD camera is the standard configuration. Additional lights, lasers, multi-beam sonar, and other cameras can all be mounted on the platform as needed.


DWTEK is also the manufacturer of subsea connectors! All the wet connectors used on the I-90 are compatible with major wet connector suppliers. This allows the operator to approach spare parts and makes maintenance much easier.

Navigation and Auto Function

The navigation sensors include a gyro, a compass, a pressure sensor and a three-axis accelerometer all of which are inside a single aluminum pod. The standard auto pilot functions are shown as below:

  • Auto Heading
  • Auto Depth
  • Auto Altitude
  • Low/High Speed Flying Control

The pitch and roll status are displaced on the 7” touch panel and video overlay of the 22” LCD monitor at same time.

Hand Controller

  • Additional monitor screen
  • Modular design for easy update & maintenance
  • Video play & camera switch
  • Personal interface setting
  • Diagram OSD design
  • LIM detection & electricity monitor
  • 4.3 touch panel for system feedback & settings
  • Industrial Personal Computer & Integrated Digital Recording System
  • Digital record, play back & snapshot
  • Video workshop
  • 6kw output in total
  • 2-unit design to ensure power supply

Main Console

The Main Console of the I-90 is equipped with a 22” LCD monitor, programmable power supplies, a power and data management system and an Integrated Digital Recording System (IDS) as standard. All individual modules are designed to be mounted in an industry standard 19” rack case, which makes the system easy to be updated and maintained.

The main console electronics automatically detects and displays system status and health. All the feedback from the vehicle is displayed on the 4.3” touch panel.

Hand Controller

  • Light-work class ROV operation interface
  • 6 pages for versatile controls and multiple information display
  • Thrusters output power & ID change
  • Sensor & tilt motor baseline setting
  • 4 knobs,7 switches & 2joysticks

Command Unit

The powerful Command Unit has a 7” touch panel, and a diagram designed interface compatible with a light work-class ROV handling interface, allowing real-time two-way communication with the ROV to be available.

Integrated Digital Recording System (IDS)

All video from vehicle is sent to main console and recorded by an Integrated Digital-Recording System (IDS). The videos can be displayed on 22” LCD monitor simultaneously. Vehicle feedback information is also integrated and collected by the IDS. The information source displayed can be selected by the operator or simply turned off for clean image display. The friendly design of the text and graphics overlay allows easy selection.

The IDS is an Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) based system which is capable of installing several software applications for sensors, and recording information and images from sonar, USBL, CP probe and so on.