DWTEK’s ROV service ranges from initial concept design to in-house manufacture and other related services. Our goal is to provide clients with a one-stop service to accelerate their project time and save costs.

The ROV services we offer are as follows:

  • Customization
  • ROV manufacture
  • Tether management system(TMS) solutions
  • ROV pilot team (trained according to the IMCA R002 guideline)
  • GVL and DNV-certified working container rental
  • Underwater components sales service: connector, thruster,camera, latch, etc
  • Global support engineer
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Break the original rule for creating a new incredible one with clients
DWTEK’s R&D team is committed to creating ground-breaking solutions to help every client to overcome the challenge. Through advanced technologies, we have won several contracts of customization from the local government and global clients.

ROV Manufacture

Over the past years, DWTEK has developed and manufactured diverse ROVs to meet the needs of subsea projects and has a proven record with clients around the world.

Tether Management System(TMS)

Besides ROVs, we offer TMS solutions as well. Our TMS is capable of stabilizing and enabling ROVs to be decoupled from vessels, operate at a greater radius, and store and deploy ROVs in severe conditions.

ROV Pilot Team

All our ROVs pilots are trained by skilled U.K. pilot instructors, accumulating considerable experience in several projects.

GVL and DNV Working Container

DWTEK control containers which are fully inspected and certified by DNV for clients to easily mob and demob. Besides, the container is equipped with the crane, winch, control center including a display screen, power supply, workstations, AC as well. In conclusion, they ensure pilots can operate ROVs in a safe environment while also saving the project time since it's easy to mob and demob.

Underwater Component Sales Service

With DWTEK, no need to worry about the supply of ROV components anymore. Over the past years, we have also manufactured and exported the underwater components for ROV such as underwater connectors, thrusters, lighting, camera, latch, and TJB which are certificated by ISO 9001.

Global Support Engineer to Solve Technical Challenges Shortly.

As a global and leading ROV solution provider, the headquarter is based in Taiwan Asia, with a global support team in UK, USA, Australia, France, etcto solve the complex technical issues faster and easier.

ROV Service Scope

  • Offshore Wind Farm
  • O&G
  • Aquaculture
  • Defense
  • Survey
  • Search & Rescue

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