Connect Ocean World with DWTEK Harsh Connectivity Solution

DWTEK is an ISO9001-certified underwater connector manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in design, molding, manufacturing, and testing. Throughout the years, we have developed a wide range of connectors that have been successfully used in many different industries, such as offshore wind, oil and gas, and vessel repair. Additionally, "Customization" is also DWTEK’s key business. We are a pioneer that is dedicated to developing unique and rugged connectivity solutions to help clients protect their products from being plagiarized by their competitors.

There are several significant advantages that we can offer:

Cable Assembly, Welding, Request Pin-out

We are one of the most trusted partners when it comes to underwater connector customizations. We have worked with renowned subsea equipment brands to help clients develop exclusive connectors with unique voltages and currents that meet their specific needs. Through the unique arrangement, we assist clients to protect their products from being plagiarized by competitors.

Multiple Underwater Connector Options

One of the DWTEK connector strengths is offering various shapes for clients such as micro circular, standard circular, low profilelow profile micro, high power, power battery, ethernet, diving, rubber molded, penetrator right angle, penetrator straight, metal shell(wet), metal shell(dry), accessories.

In-house Molding Facility with Experienced Operators

The research showed that over 60% of defects in rubber molding are caused by operator error, and 40% by mold defects. Therefore, the operator's experience is crucial to molding success. With DWTEK's skilled operators, we ensure the best quality and high efficiency.

In-house Testing Facilities to Ensure the Best Quality

To ensure the best quality underwater connector, DWTEK has an in-house testing department to check the connector's voltage, current, insulation resistance, depth rating, etc. As we realize how important connectors are for subsea devices, we never accept ones with defects.

Project Team Works Closely to Control the Schedule to Ensure the Short Lead Time

The goal at DWTEK is to offer the best possible solution and short lead time to every client. To achieve this, our every project team is comprised of professional account and engineering personnel, so we can provide comprehensive support to clients at every stage of the project.

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